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The game has just gone gold! Which means that it’s ready to be released in the coming weeks. We know you’ve all been waiting patiently for this moment.

However, before you get to playing the game, we thought it would be interesting to see how the game was unplayable during its stages of development.

Throughout development, there is nothing you can want more than all the pieces falling into place without interruption or error. The reality is though, throughout development it is highly likely that the game will run into errors, bugs, and other problems before the game reaches its final form, where everything is clean, clear and under control (hopefully).

Check No Point

At the initial stages of development, for some strange reason we had a bug that would have little Fogo fall through check points. This was due to how distinct parts of the level would be reloaded upon reloading the checkpoint. This was a real headache to work around!

Trippy Shaders

At its heart, Fogo is a 2D pixel art game inspired by games from the 16-bit era. However, Fogo also employs a lot of special effects unavailable during that time. These are called shaders and we had a hell of a time finetuning them! Here are some of the trippy effects that happened during that process:

All this for lava and some stars.


And finally, what would any collection of game bugs be without the never-ending fall? Forget Fogo’s fall through the checkpoint, how about the whole level not loading in:

All that to say, rest assured that the game that you will be playing today will be nice and clean. We have done a lot of QA and many Jiras to make sure you are playing the shiniest version!

We have all worked very hard on something we believe is very special. When we first started making the game, we thought a game built around spreading fire would be a novel idea, as it is something we haven’t seen before in other indies. As we worked on it, following our intuition, we discovered a game that took on an identity of its own. We want to thank everyone who believed in our project from the beginning, and we look forward to releasing Fogo and hearing your feedback!

That means 3 main locations.

In this newsletter, we will be looking at the three main areas you’ll be able to explore in Fogo. We are very excited to finally reveal them!

The Caves

Usually in most video games, when you start to notice lava about, it means the difficulty has ramped up. Fear not, in Fogo, lava is a means of safety and comfort for a living flame.

In this area you’ll dive around from pool to pool of lava like a little flame dolphin, mastering the way of the flame.

The Valley

Once you’re done with that section, you’ll move on to The Valley. A lot less pools of lava but you’ll have a lot more vegetation on this path to spread fire and create chaos!

Climb hills, burn giant trees, and ride logs down rivers.

Beware tough, the pools that do exist are full of water which instantly kill our hero.

The Mountain

If you made it this far, congratulations. The Mountain is our last location and will put everything you’ve learned so far to the test. Climbing this mountain, you’ll slowly discover that the area to keep the fire going is getting narrower and narrower, so technique and skill are paramount. As if things couldn’t be any more challenging, a snowstorm is creeping in.

But what is at the top of this mysterious mountain? We’ll leave it to you to find out...

If you’ve ever played a platformer and thought, “I would love to light this game on fire”, do we have the game for you.

Big hello to our fired-up fan base, we’re happy to announce the development of our first platformer, Fogo!

In these blogs we’re going to be sharing updates of our game’s development behind the scenes. You’ll learn about the faces behind the game, the development and the thought process behind many of the decisions we’ve made during development. These blogs will also offer an opportunity for the fans to provide their feedback at each stage of the game’s development. We look forward to hearing from you all!

Today we’re excited to share the story behind our protagonist and what his little adventure is all about.


He’s a fireball that lives in an existence full of passion and wonder, leaping from object to object, burning everything in his path.

While he doesn’t know exact who he is, or what he is, one thing is certain: He’s determined and full of passion to figure out where he belongs.

Throughout the adventure, Fogo will travel to caves, valleys and mountains and light a path back home!

We can’t wait to show you all more! Stick around for more updates!

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